Sunny Fields Healing
April Silbaugh QHHT Practitioner
Practicing the Dolores Cannon Method of Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit

April has been helping individuals find their life purpose and heal for over 6 years. With the use of hypnotherapy, she helps them connect to their Higher Selves, spiritual team, and/or angels for guidance and healing.

If you would like to find out who you really are and why you are here, or just need general direction, make a list of 6-10 general/life questions and any chronic health issues you are dealing with. Through hypnosis, April will help you connect  to this divine energy, answer your questions and get the appropriate healing you need. 

Connecting with one's Higher Self has a very healing effect on the mind, body and spirit!
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Email:  [email protected]
April Silbaugh
Sundance, WY
Tel: 307-629-1212

Dedicated Level 2 QHHT Practitioner​
BA Psychology University of Wyoming

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