What Happens During a Session?
First off, if you spend some time on this website and decide that you want to have a session, go ahead and contact me by email or phone and together we will set up an appointment. I’ll then ask you to prepare some questions that your Higher Self will answer.  It’s kind of comforting to know that from the time you book your session, your Higher Self will be working with you and preparing what it wants you to know.
I call this day your happy session day because it’s a very special day! I hold my sessions here in my guest cabin. It’s a very peaceful, quiet, relaxing place, and I’ve found it works really well for doing this kind of work. When you come to do the session, we’ll sit down and talk in the living room area and just visit about your life and background. This can take anywhere from an hour to two hours or more. I’ll also go over your list of questions at this point. You can find out more about what this is and how to write your list of questions on my website under the “Session Preparation” Page.
Then, we’ll take a small break before going into the hypnosis room. This is where you will get comfortable and situated. Hypnosis allows the ego or conscious part of the mind to lift and recede, making it possible for the Higher Self to move to the forefront.
The lives brought forward can be present, past or future or not going anywhere and the Higher Self coming in right away. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, a past life can be viewed as a helpful experience.
I will be speaking to your Higher Self and asking it your questions. Because it knows everything about you and is total love, “It” can give you answers and heal anything that serves your highest, greatest, good. I will be digitally recording the hypnosis part of your session and will email it to you the same day so that you can listen and learn from your experience.
After the hypnosis, we will return to the dining room table and have a brief discussion going over your experience before sending you on your way. Many people feel rejuvenated and inspired at this point and changed in some way for the better. The whole session can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours or more, so it’s recommended that you allow most of your day to be spent on your session and not plan anything pressing for you to do afterwards. Most times, it’s a lot of information to take in and it’s a good idea to just let yourself relax for the rest of the day and allow everything to sink in.
So that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. You can find out more details by reading the pages on my website. If you have questions, are hurting, or are just curious, I’d recommend reflecting on having a session and listening to your heart to see if this resonates with you. It might just be the healing, direction and answers you’ve been looking for.