How to prepare for your QHHT Session

*Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask your Higher-Self, Sub Conscience or whatever name you choose to give that aspect of yourself that we will be working with. Divide this list into two categories: personal/general life questions and any health issues or concerns you may have. Type or print these questions neatly on a piece of paper (no ipads or phones please). Even though we will be going over this list of questions together, it will need to be legible because I will be asking your Higher-Self these questions during the hypnosis part of your session. If you would like to email me your list before the session, it can be helpful for me to organize and pre-read, but not totally necessary.
*Please refrain from alcohol the night before or day of your session. Also, no caffeine the day of your session or as little as possible.
*Remember to eat lightly, but enough to get you through your session which can last 6 hours or more. You may want to pack snacks to eat after your session. 
*If you meditate or pray, it may be helpful to do so the day of your session to allow you to be in that relaxed, quiet state of mind.
*If you have someone drive you to your session, be aware that they will not be able to sit in on your session with you. This is a very personal experience and although they may listen to your recording (with your permission) they will have to find something else to do to keep them occupied during your session. Because my office is so remote, they may want to plan on traveling to the nearby towns while they wait.
*If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please let me know at least a day ahead of time.
*Set an intention that you will be able to communicate easily with your Higher Self. It will be a special day all about you:)