"My session with you was extraordinary! You are blessed with a wonderful gift that enables you to help others in an unbelievable way."
  ~J.M., ND

      "Before my session I feel like I was living in a state of mind where all I had was questions. After my session I walked out  into a bright vibrant world full of the answers to so many things that had really been holding me back. I went into this really hoping people had a purpose and I came out of it knowing exactly what my purpose was. It is just a truly beautiful experience."
     ~C.L., WY

     "I can't thank you enough for the session!!!! I feel something shifting and changing...in a very good way!"
     ~J.N.,  TX
     "Overall I consider my first session an interesting experience and a clue about the profound info that could be reached as I gain more experience. Thank you for your generous spirit and your dedication to excellence."
     ~T.K., WY

     "The QHHT session opened me up to a better outlook on life, more peace and balance.  Thank you April for your gentle guidance and amazing experience! You're a precious gift to all!!"​​
               ~P.M., ND                  
     "I went into April's QHHT session with the expectation that it would be very important to my life. Now that I've had several days to let the dust settle since the experience, I can fully realize how staggeringly important that it truly was for me. I know that my life will be changed. Never have I entered into such a peaceful environment, and April exudes gentleness and compassion. It was with nothing but care and a genuine interest and excitement that she listened to me and guided me oh so gently down into the cozy dim confines of hypnosis. Together we uncovered such wonderful, personal and life-changing revelations about myself and so many things have started to change for me when it comes to my health and lifestyle. I know April would say that all the positive changes and experiences are due to my own work, but I attribute so much of it to her."
     ~N.T.,  WY

    "Thank you April, for being so patient, kind, and understanding while guiding me through my first QHHT session. It was an amazing experience that has helped me heal on many levels. April was great at making me feel comfortable, had no judgement, and I could tell she really wanted to help me. I am truly grateful for my experience with April and would highly recommend her for QHHT."
           ~T.K., SD                
     "My session with April was tremendously enlightening and inspirational. I was able to gain insightful guidance from my Higher Self in areas of my life needing attention; chakra balancing, soul retrieval and general guidance from guardian angels. I recently lost my 16-year-old son, and the session helped me not only release some of the sadness and grief, I was able to connect directly with my son. Through telepathic communication, he relayed the overwhelming feeling of love and bliss he experiences in his current dimension, and that I would presently be able to connect with him at a deeper level through meditiation and dreams. I highly recommend scheduling session(s) with April, who is very bright, skilled and kind-hearted lightworker."
     ~K.W.E.,  SD